The City of Phoenix owns too much property. After an examination of their portfolio, the city confirmed they have far too many properties and assets that they no longer need. The properties range from vacant lots to commercial building. They also own some single family homes and it is now time to unload the excess. In order to get rid of the property quicker, the City of Phoenix has decided to launch a new website to display these properties to potential buyers. The City insists the website and the sale of these properties will be a win, win for everyone involved. In fact, the City confirmed the project has been successful and has already earned more than 17 million dollars from property sales.

Selling the property will help generate more revenue for the city and that money can be used for vital services, such as police, libraries, parks, fire protection, and more. Simultaneously, Phoenix hopes the initiative will lead to more development within the community. To date, the city has found around 650 excess properties that will be displayed on the new website. The new website, which is available at, features an interactive map. This allows possibly buyers to find properties based on price, location and other characteristics. An aerial map view is also available. Finally, users can also print off a property flier for any property listed on the website.

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