Last week, the Potatopia restaurant based out of Broward County, Florida confirmed it has begun utilizing Intellicheck’s Age ID system. The state-of-the-art technology will give the restaurant the ability to deter underage drinking. The restaurant’s employees can scan driver licenses and other forms of ID using the technology. In return, it is capable of identifying altered and fake identifications. Potatopia is quickly gaining in popularity, thanks to its unique take on daily meals. The restaurant chain has also confirmed plans to continue their expansion throughout the United States.

In the near future, the company plans to open 45 restaurants in Canada, as well as locations in China and the Middle East. Franchise owner, Bill Bulmer, understands that his Davie, Florida location is surrounded by five universities and several residential communities. Bulmer sincerely believes that Age ID will make a major difference in several ways. While he admits his business must remain in compliance with the laws, he also believes there is a personal and corporate responsibility to prevent underage children from consuming alcohol.

Intellicheck’s CEO, Dr. William Roof is happy that the company’s Age ID will be able to help the restaurant achieve their goals. Roof also insisted that the company believes “we offer the best solution to helping them meet their legal and social obligations”. The unique Age ID technology is capable of reading the data encoded on the face of drivers licenses and government IDs. Then, it can authentic the ID and age details in real-time. The system can easily be deployed on mobile devices, including tablets and smartphone.

It can also be integrated into existing point-of-sale solutions. The platform is capable of identifying altered IDs and has the ability the read more then 250 DMV barcode formats from each state in the United States, as well as all Canadian provinces and Mexican states where the licenses include a 2D barcode. Additional details can be found here.

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