On May the 22nd, PPG Paints announced the launch of three new product enhancements that will allow professionals to provide their customers with a far better experience. PPG’s senior product marketing manager, Jennifer Burroughs, stated, “With greater durability and overall performance qualities, these reformulated PPG Paints products outperform competitive products in many areas and demonstrate clear, improved benefits as shown through extensive laboratory testing.” Simultaneously, the enhancements directly address problems professionals commonly face on the job site.

For instance, the paints now offer greater dirt and flash rust resistance. Below, the three new PPG Paints formulations will be explored in greater detail.

  • PERMA-CRETE PITT-FLEX Elastomeric Coating – The elastomeric coating features a 100% acrylic formula and boasts the most effective dirt resistance. Also, the formula delivers a more flexible bond to prevent water infiltration, achieve uniformity and prevent hairline cracks. The reformulated product can be added to concrete in just seven days, as long as the concrete has a pH level of less than thirteen.
  • SPEEDHIDE PRO-EZ ZERO Coating – This formulation is best for professionals that require a high-quality performance at the most affordable price. The formula is incredibly well rounded and deliver exceptional hide, coverage, uniformity and adhesion. The paint formula makes repairs far easier than ever before by allowing touch-ups to be blended into the original coating with little to no sheen variation.
  • SUN-PROOF Exterior Latex House & Trim Paint – This formula has been one of PPG’s most popular products since 1900. The paint offers outstanding adhesion even when working with uneven and awkward substrates. Simultaneously, the Sun-proof exterior paint delivers unparalleled resistance for cracking, flaking and peeling. The paint has been formulated to maintain top dirt resistance to ensure the surface can be cleaned easily with soap and water.

All of the new enhanced paints will be available at PPG Paints stores, as well as independent retailers throughout the nation. Additional details can be found here.

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