On August the 2nd, Red Wing Shop Company announced the grand opening of a brand-new store in League City, Texas. There is a twist to the announcement. The company has decided to relocate their current store in Houston to League City. It believes the relocation will allow them to better serve the petrochemical, oil and gas businesses in the area. Red Wing Shoe believes they’ll be able to fill a gap in the Southeast portion of the Houston metro area by providing consumers with access to premium footwear that suits the unique needs of the energy industry.

The location of the League City store will put the company in close proximity to the local oil, gas and petrochemical workforce. Since these individuals face some of the most dangerous workplace conditions, Red Wing will offer the most appropriate attire and footwear at the store. Their offerings will include purpose-built footwear, flame resistant work wear, gloves, safety glasses, and other protective accessories.

All items meet or exceed current safety standards. The store will also sell Red Wing’s Heritage collection and items from the Vasque brand. The new League City store will be managed by Tony Arevalo. With more than a decade in the oil and gas and footwear industry, Arevalo will know exactly how to accommodate the needs of today’s energy workforce. Tony Arevalo has been with the Red Wing Shoe Company since 2012. He accepted the role of manager of the Houston Reed Road store in 2015.

The announcement comes just months after the private company relocated and expanded its hub in Houston. The hub was previously located on Reed Road as well. It has now been relocated at the interaction of Fort Bend Parkway Toll Road and Sam Houston Parkway West. The League City Red Wing store is located at 2451 South Gulf Freeway near Cabela’s Field of Dreams Baseball Complex. Store hours are as follows.

  • Monday through Friday 8 AM to 7 PM
  • Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Sunday 11 AM to 4 PM

Store hours, contact details and directions can be found at the company’s official website here.

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