This week, Rebook announced the upcoming launch of their “Cotton + Corn” sustainable products initiative. The company also confirmed they would be bringing plant-based footwear to the market sometime later this year. The initiative was created by the Reebok Future team in an attempt to develop shoes “made from things that grow” The company’s first sustainable shoe will be manufactured from a combination of organic cotton and industrial grown corn. In order to pull it off, Reebok has been working closely with DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products.

The company, which is a leading manufacturer of bio-based solutions, is responsible for producing the Susterra propanediol. This non-toxic, petroleum-free bio-based product is derived from corn. It played a major role in the create of the sole for Reebok’s Cotton + Corn shoes. The Reebok Future team is an innovative department, which is solely dedicated to developing new technologies, ideas, prototypes, and techniques. According to Reebok’s official website, the Cotton + Corn initiative focused on the materials, as well as the lifecycle after the consumer has outgrown their shoes.

The shoes are the first that were designed with naturally grown materials and that can be replenished. Reebok hopes their unique move will help to improve the sustainability of their shoes, while simultaneously maintaining the quality that Reebok fans have come to know and love. Additional details will be released in the near future.

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