Ruby Tuesday (NYSE: RT) intends to tackle the lack of electric charging stations, by constructing Telsa Supercharger Stations at some of their restaurants. The restaurant chain’s action has already been put into place with the first charging station being made available to the public several days ago. The first charging station is located in Miner, Missouri on East Malone Avenue. The company admits they have several other charging stations in the planning stage and additional stations under construction.

The chief marketing officer for Ruby Tuesday, David Skena, is adamant that expanding the Supercharger network will prove to be beneficial for “both Tesla owners and our restaurants alike.” Supercharging stations have been strategically placed throughout the country to ensure fewer stops from station to station. Now, Telsa (NASDAQ: TSLA) owners will be able to drive their vehicles up to 270 miles, before making a pit stop at a nearby Ruby Tuesday. Once they’ve refilled their stomachs and their vehicles, they’ll be able to continue on their way. According to the press release, the Telsa Supercharger is more powerful and efficient than current alternatives. The Supercharger can deliver 120 kilowatts of power, while restoring approximately 170 miles of range within a period of 30 minutes.

The Tesla Supercharger Stations at Ruby Tuesday restaurants will be made available on Tesla’s website, as well as the in-vehicle navigational system. By utilizing their 17″ touch screens, Telsa vehicle owners will be able to plan out their trips, while making charging stops as necessary. At the beginning of March 2016, Ruby Tuesday had amassed 729 restaurants, which expands over 44 states and 13 foreign countries, as well as Guam. To find a Ruby Tuesday location near you, be sure to check out this hyperlink immediately!

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