Too many Americans are missing their medical appointments for one reason or another and it is costing the country billions of dollars. SafeRide Health and Lyft understand this and the two companies have decided to do something about it. Just recently, the companies announced a new partnership to provide patients with easier access to care. Lyft and SafeRide Health also believe getting patients to their medical appointments on time will simplify healthcare operations and reduce costs. When a patient is forced to neglect their care, their condition could worsen and the costs for treatment will ultimately skyrocket as a result.

The Journal of Community Health recently revealed that 25-percent of low-income patients missed their appointments, due to a transportation issue. As an example, Lyft believes a $40 ride could get the patient to the appointment on time and allow them to avoid a $20,000 ER admission in the near future. As Lyft’s head of healthcare partnerships, Gyre Renwick, points out, “this is a win for all”. Last year, Americans spent approximately 160 billion dollars on ER admissions. SafeRide and Lyft hope to solve this problem by working together as a team.

SafeRide Health’s digital health platform is designed to enable healthcare providers to employ medically qualified transportation for their patients. In return, the firm believes utilization of their platform could reduce no-shows by a staggering 50 percent. The system is pertinent for the small segment of the population that is responsible for 80 percent of healthcare costs. Lyft has now taken steps to cater specifically to this group of individuals. They offer rides from a national transportation network at a margin of the price of medically qualified transport. According to the recent press release, response to the partnership has been immediate.

SafeRide has formed partnerships with 3 of the largest healthcare systems in the country. The company’s CEO, Robbins Schrader, admits “We’ve listened to our partners; simplified operations; and, as a result, are transforming the patient experience.” The partnership with Lyft should be a win for everyone involved.

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