This week, Indeed, one of the world’s top job sites, released their list of 50 Best Places To Work in 2017. The list is curated from the site’s reviews of employers. This year, Salesforce reigned supreme. This marks the second year the company took the top spot. The second place winner, Southwest Airline, also held the spot the consecutive years. Indeed’s SVP, Paul D’Arcy, spoke about the company cultures that tend to be most attractive.

“Companies with disruptive business models and progressive company cultures will continue to attract and retain top talent.” He went on to admit that compensation and job security were still two of the top concerns for employees. However, culture and a sense of community are quickly becoming equally important priorities for modern employees.

The list contains a wide assortment of industries from tech to healthcare, and even retail. Nevertheless, there are several similarities that stand out among the reviews. D’Arcy comments that reviewers described the top workplaces as ‘inspiring’ and ‘engaging’ for maintaining good company culture. Simultaneously, employees like the idea of mission-drive organizations that are leaders in their respective fields.

This year brought many newcomers to the top 10. This includes JetBlue Airways, which jumped from #21 last year, to number #3 this year. CenterPoint Energy also made big moves. Later year, the firm ranked #37. This year, they climbed to #6. In fact, newcomers account for half of the list. The following companies made their debuts this year.

  • Estee Lauder at #21
  • Capital One at #27
  • Stryker at #26
  • John Deere #30
  • American Airlines at #30

At this point in time, Indeed has more than 15 million reviews. The list was compiled by focusing solely on companies that are members of the Fortune 500 index, have more than 5,000 employees, and have at least 50 reviews on Indeed’s website. The entire list can be viewed at the company’s official blog here.

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