On Thursday, Samsung’s Strategy and Innovation Center announced they had agreed to collaborate with Nestle Institute Of Health Sciences to utilize IoT Technology and nutrition science to try and unlock the secret to healthy living. The cooperate measure will combine the Internet of Things with bio sensors, multi-model technology, and a comprehensive nutritional approach to try and spread awareness about health and wellness. The initiative will attempt to empower consumers to properly manager their own health, by providing them with recommendations associated with nutrition, lifestyle and fitness.

Samsung’s ARTIK IoT platform and their extensive semiconductor experience will be combined with Nestle’s understanding of nutrition and biomedical science to better understand the body’s voice, while empowering millions to live better, healthier, and potentially longer. Other than that, very few details were provided about the cooperative measure. More details should be released sometime in early 2017, when the first pilots are expected to begin. For further information, be sure to check out the associated press release.

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