Samsung Electronics has experienced a tough year. Nonetheless, the company is not going to sit around and worry about their past troubles. The company plans to revolutionize many technologies in the upcoming year and it will all kick off at CES 2017, which is scheduled for January the 5th to January the 9th in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the event, Samsung will unveil their brand new Smart TV services. Currently, the three services will include ‘Music’, ‘Sports’, and ‘TV Plus’. Each option will provide personalized content to the consumer based on their television preferences and it will all be delivered through the Samsung Smart Hub platform.

How does it work? Each specific service will provide the user with updates and news regarding the industry. For instance, The Sports service will make it possible for sports enthusiasts to keep track of their favorite teams. This includes their team’s schedules and scores. All available information will be conveniently displayed on a single navigation page. This helps to alleviate the frustrations of being forced to switch from channel to channel to find the latest games and keep up with current scores.

The company intends to expand the service by partnering with companies such as the UFC, NBC Sports and more to make their content available to users. Meanwhile, the Samsung Music service will allow customers to quickly identify songs played during their favorite television programs. The service also includes a ‘Preview’ feature, which helps users find new music. The service is currently synced with content from eight music apps, including Spotify, Sirius XM, Vevo, Deezer, Napster, iHeartRadio, and more.

Finally, Samsung hopes their TV Plus service will help consumers watch the television shows they desire when they want it. The TV Plus service brings high-quality content into a singular application for the most convenient and premium viewing experience. The company has teamed up with FandangoNow to allow consumers to rent and buy approximately 40,000 movies and shows on-demand. This includes 4K HDR content. Those interested in learning more about these services will need to buckle their seatbelts and wait until CES 2017.

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