On January the 20th, the Oregon Association of Realtors committed to providing the next generation of continued education products to real estate agents operating in the state of Oregon. The software is developed by Real Estate Game Works (REGW) and will completely revolutionize the way agents renew their license. The Seattle-area startup company, REGW, has created an online simulation platform for real estate agents. While the software is entertaining, it is specifically designed to allow real estate agents to meet precise continuing education requirements.

real estation game works

The software is based around a concept referred to as “gamification”, which transforms dry subject matter into a powerful learning experience. Now, real estate agents will be able to renew their license through the platform, instead of being forced to sit in a classroom for multiple hours at a time. The simulation software makes it possible for players to enhance their skills by allowing them to step into the shoes of a real estate agent.

Then, they’ll be able to replicate the activities real estate agents perform on a daily basis. They’ll be required to seek out new clients, negotiate prices, and buy and sell properties. At the same time, players will be forced to engage in marketing to entice new buyers. As the player progresses through the stages and gain success, they’ll be able to upgrade their office accordingly. Eventually, their shabby basement office will be transformed into a luxurious downtown suite.

During the experience, players will meet a host of interested characters, such as a Geeky Professor and a Drill Sergeant. These characters will be able to keep the player engaged, whereas traditional forms of continuing education cannot. The simulation also offers learning modules, which are specifically geared towards real estate agents. When tallying up the time it will take to complete the modules and the simulation itself, players will receive around 30 hours of continuing education. This is enough to meet the requirements set forth by Oregon’s regulators.

More importantly, the product has been endorsed by the Washington and Oregon Association of Realtors. The game can be accessed using a desktop computer, laptop or a tablet. To learn more about the simulation product developed by Real Estate Game Works, be sure to check out the official press release here.

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