As more and more consumers continue to cut the cord and switch to Internet-based alternatives, a larger number of companies have also decided to make the switch. On March the 15th, yet another company decided to throw its hat into the equation. A handful of entrepreneurs, which includes co-founders of Enstratius, appeared at SXSW in Austin to announce the availability of their online streaming platform, Seeka TV. Unlike alternative streaming platforms, Seeka TV is designed to benefit content creators and viewers equally. While most streaming platforms do a great job streaming, they often ignore the content creator and their needs.

Content creators need to be able to interact with their audience, while also generating an income for additional shows. Seeka TV combines video streaming with social networking to create a comprehensive social viewing platform. In return, this will give viewers the ability to quickly and easily share their favorite shows with their social network friends. At the same time, Seeka TV features an innovative Watch Parties feature. This gives social media friends the option of watching a show together simultaneously. These individuals will be provided with a single play and pause button, as well as a chat panel.

seeka tv beta

Thanks to its unique features, Seeka TV has already gained a lot of attraction amongst content creators, including one of the creators of the award winning series, The Pantsless Detective. Dipu Bhattacharya has already joined the Seeka TV lineup. Seeka TV will attempt to become the home for the best independent web content in the world. The platform, which was founded in 2016, is now home to over 300 episodes from more than 40 shows.

Seeka TV is currently available free to the public beginning today. Those interested in examining what Seeka TV has to offer should visit their official website at Aside from the Pantless Detective, the platform is also home to 20 Seconds To Live, conversations from the afterlife, and The Yearbook.

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