More and more consumers and businesses have decided to find alternative sources of energy. Solar has become very popular, while wind power has been shifted to the backburner. In the past, wind power was unsuitable for consumers and most business, due to the size of wind turbines. Semtive, a leading provide of vertical axis wind turbine systems, wants to fix this problem by making wind power accessible to all consumers and all businesses. They took the first step on May the 16th by unveiling their NEMOI wind turbine. The new turbine system is environmentally friendly, reliable and almost completely noiseless. The system is capable of producing renewable energy from very low wind speeds.

semtive nemoi wind systems

On average, the NEMOI is capable of generating energy at approximately $.02 per kWh. The brand-new NEMOI turbine system will go on pre-sale beginning May the 16th. The NEMOI Wind Turbine System has been created with advanced technology and innovative R&D. The unique design of the blades and the vertical axis make it possible for the inner side to produce torque even at the lowest wind speeds. This makes it possible for the turbine to produce energy with less than 10 RPMs of wind. More importantly, the NEMOI is very lightweight and can be deployed and assembled anywhere in the world in less than an hour.

The turbine operates with the same efficacy on and off the grid. The company insists the system works equally well in urban and rural environments. A little over 95 percent of the Semtive turbine has been manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum to extend its lifespan and to help prevent corrosion. The turbine is also protected by a lifetime guarantee. Semtive prides itself on producing wind turbines that will never become an annoyance. The company’s turbines operate with a whisper. They’re designed to generate less than 38 dB of sound when generating electricity with 35 MPH of wind.

The American Wind Energy Association, AWEA, suggests wind power is the fastest-growing electricity source in the world. Simultaneously, the sector has helped to support more than 100,000 American jobs over the past year. Semtive will look to push the industry forward, while making wind power a suitable choice for more American businesses and consumer.

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