Earlier this week, ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW) unveiled their new machine learning capabilities designed to simplify some of IT’s biggest complications. The ServiceNow Intelligent Automation Engine can give companies insight into potential outages, before they can occur. The platform is also capable of automatically routing incidents and predicting future performance. The move will now incorporate machine learning into ServiceNow’s cloud services for Human Resources, Security and Customer Service. Many companies are unable to innovate, because they become bogged down by the complexity of tools and processes. A recent study concluded that 86% of companies believe more automation will be needed to maintain optimum levels of productivity by the year 2020.

Technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, have gained steamed, but they have been largely inaccessible to many. ServiceNow hopes their Intelligent Automation Engine will allow all companies to take advantage of both technologies for the benefit of their IT needs. The innovations launched for the platform earlier this week will allow companies to keep their systems operational, while also evaluating their performance against industry peers.

  • Anomaly Detection – With ServiceNow’s enhanced anomaly detection, customers will be able to predict and prevent service outages. Complex algorithms are used to identify patterns that could eventually lead to an outage. The algorithms work with new dynamic threshold measures so the system can familiarize itself with the average range of behavior. Events that land outside of the normal range are flagged to indicate potential impending errors or malfunctions.
  • Intelligence to Categorize and Route Work – The Intelligent Automation Engine will now attempt to predict future outcomes, such as estimating risks, categorizing work and assigning owners. In the beginning, the new predictive intelligence will be used solely for IT Service Management to categorize IT requests.
  • Evaluating Performance Against Peers – ServiceNow Benchmarks will now allow customers to compare the performance of their service to that of their peers. In the past, this was incredibly difficult and often times completely impossible.
  • Performance Predictions – The real-time Performance Analytics application relies on powerful algorithms to judge when the customer will be able to achieve their desired performance level. After the client has selected a goal, the Performance Analytics application will predict when that goal can be achieved.

The new Intelligent Automation Engine has now been added to the Now Platform. Additional details can be found here.

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