Six Flags Over Texas is consistently working to provide park guests with access to the most thrilling coasters in the world. Earlier this week, the company unveiled its 13th roller coaster within its DC collection. The park, which is now in its 56th season, will host more roller coasters than any other park in the Southwest with the addition of The Joker. President of Six Flags Over Texas, Steve Martindale, believes The Joker will provide guests with an experience unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.

He spoke about the coaster’s design saying, “As the car travels along the track, riders are in constant motion, turning somersaults in mid-air. The ride’s design is innovation at its best and we are excited and proud to unveil our most maniacal coaster to date, The Joker.” The ride will lift riders up 12-stories before sending them into a tailspin and flipping them head-over-heels numerous times. The Joker features everything from lightning fast speeds and exhilarating leaps to unexpected drops.

the joker six flags over texas

A hallmark of the coaster is the unique winged seat design that suspends riders to the sides of the tracks. In return, this gives the rider the feeling that they’re flying through the air. The rider will see no track above or below them. Instead, they’ll only see the sky and the ground and this helps to deliver a more sinister thrill. The Joker’s unique design features an I-box track frame and a two-tone color scheme.

The innovative onboard magnetic technology provides smooth head-over-heels flips, while making the rider feel weightless from start to finish. The track is equipped with 4-D wing vehicles capable of accommodating 8 individuals per vehicle. Face-off seats give riders the chance to see one other frequently as they tumble upside down in the most thrilling fashion. The coaster is 120-foot-tall and contains a 90-degree hill. Along the way, riders will encounter two beyond 90-degree “raven” drops that cause a sensation of free-falling.

The Joker opened to the general public today, May the 20th of 2017. Be sure to visit Six Flag’s official website to learn more about their 2017 season.

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