On April the 24th, Sling Media, which is a subsidiary of DISH, unveiled the groundbreaking SlingStudio system. The multi-camera, live video production system is designed for those that stream live video through YouTube, Facebook Live and other similar platforms. The SlingStudio starts at $999 and gives consumers the ability to record, monitor and edit up to 4 high-definition video inputs from ten connected devices simultaneously. The system is capable of outputting live video to various streaming services. Alternatively, users can also export their recordings to a USB hard drive, SD card or USB SSD. Those that wish to take advantage of the SlingStudio will need to purchase the Slingstudio Hub and an iPad to use the Console app.

slingstudio hub

With the SlingStudio system, content creators will be able to capture video from various angles by wirelessly connecting up to 10 video sources to the system at once. Cameras, smartphones and personal computers can be connected to the system utilizing its private, Wi-Fi network. Internet connectivity is not a necessity. The SlingStudio hub delivers a maximum of 300 feet of range, so cameras can be placed almost anywhere in the studio. In order to manage the system’s video production features, the user will need access to the iPad Console app. Through the app, users will be able to customize their video using a variety of settings and features, including split and quad views.

slingstudio console app

Text overlays, adding transitions, and other settings can be manipulated in real time even as the video is streamed to YouTube or Facebook Live. The SlingStudio System is also compatible with external audio sources, mixers and output monitors. The SlingStudio hub is compatible with a range of devices, including Android and iOS smartphones. It can also be used with HDMI-enabled video cameras with the direct HDMI input or the optional CameraLink accessory. An Apple iPad is required to take full advantage of the Console app.

The SlingStudio will be launched in May with a retail prices of $999. It will be available at B&H Photo Video, as well as Sling Media’s official website. To learn more about the SlingStudio and its specifications, be sure to click here.

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