Live streaming television has become more and more popular as an increased number of consumers have decided to cut the cord. Nonetheless, streaming services are unable to provide consumers with the same features or channels offered by cable providers. Dish Network’s Sling TV wants to change that as soon as possible. One of the most common complaints with OTT services is that recording live content is difficult, if not impossible. Starting on November the 28th, Sling TV will begin taking steps to rectify this problem. Current Sling TV subscribers, who have a Roku streaming player or Roku TV, can now request to join Sling’s cloud DVR beta program.

sling tv cloud dvr

While applications are now being accepted, the beta program will not officially launch until December. In the coming months, Sling TV will rollout the feature for more devices. Sling TV’s cloud DVR feature will have no 28-day restriction on recording and will include an array of other features. They include the following.

  • Cloud DVR beta will be available to Sling Orange and Sling Blue subscribers with Roku devices.
  • Users will have the option of recording movies, episodes and entire television series. Recorded content can be paused, rewound, and fast forwarded. Not all channels will offer DVR functionality.
  • Sling’s Cloud DVR delivers conflict-free recording. This ensures multiple programs can be recorded simultaneously.
  • DVR content is easily accessible through Sling TV’s familiar My TV screen.
  • Sling TV will automatically delete older recordings to ensure the user has space for new recordings.
  • New features will be added according to the feedback provided by beta users. Two planned features include allowing the user to protect recordings, while also making it possible to increase available storage space.

Current Sling TV subscribers with Roku devices can now request an invite to join the Cloud DVR beta program. They can do so right now by visiting and submitting their Sling TV account information. Those that are accepted into the program will receive an email with further instructions for activating cloud DVR functionality. Participants are encourages to submit their feedback to the company, so the feature can be enhanced to the fullest. The innovative cloud DVR function is definitely a big step in the right direction for Sling TV. Current users will likely be elated by the news.

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