Sling TV, which offers over-the-top Internet television, is a subsidiary of Dish Network. The live television streaming service was introduced in early January of 2015 and has since grown moderately popular. According to the company, they had more than 750,000 subscribers in August of 2016. The service has a long way to go, before it can compete with the likes of Amazon Video and Netflix. Nonetheless, Sling TV, which is led by Roger Lynch, has continued to tweak its service to ensure users receive the best experience possible.

The service provides consumers with access to an abundance of channels, including IFC, CNN, Bloomberg, BBC America, truTV, and SundanceTV. Sling TV has also partnered with HBO, Cinemax, and Starz to make their content available to subscribers. Over the past year, the service has been improved with the additional of new channels, Chromecast support, and a brand new interface. Last week, the company introduced a brand new Windows 10 application. Although the new app looks very similar to the original, it has been tweaked specifically to accommodate Windows 10 users.

windows 10 sling tv

The Windows 10 app also offers touch compatibility for tablets, live tiles and Cortana voice search. The good news is that the upgrade is not a necessity. Users, who prefer the older platform and those with older operating systems, can continue utilized the legacy desktop app. Now, if Sling is able to diminish the frequency of buffering, they’ll be well on their way to revolutionizing the Internet television market. Those that wish to learn more about the Sling TV Windows 10 app should check out the company’s official website here.

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