On Monday, Acting Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Blanco announced that a Social Security Administration employee had been convicted for bank fraud and making false statements. The jury convicted 52-year-old Darryl Williams of Tallahassee, Florida on August 25, 2017. Williams was convicted on a single count of bank fraud and nine counts of making false statements. Williams is scheduled to be sentenced on November 17, 2017.

Evidence presented during the trial showed that Williams submitted several applications for loans and credit to Envision from November 2010 to October 2016. In the applications to the financial institution, Williams frequently lied about his employment, pay grade, salary and job title. At one point, Williams claimed he was making more than $115,000 annually. In reality, his highest salary ever received was less than $60,000.

Simultaneously, Williams was not employed by the federal government when some of the applications were submitted. The defendant also submitted false bank statements, earnings and leave statements to Envision. Between late 2010 and late 2016, Williams applied for more than $140,000 in loans. Envision used the incorrect information and documents in reviewing the documents and approving the loans.

Again, Darryl Williams will be sentenced on November 17, 2017 by Judge Mark E. Walker.

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