Plarium, which develops mobile, web-based and social games, announced the launch of Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare on November the 30th. The game developer already boasts more than 250 million users all around the world. Their latest MMO, massively multiplayer online, strategy game could very attract even more gamers. Soldiers Inc. is a futuristic military title, which takes place in Selva de Fuego. Players will enter the fictional failed state in an attempt to gain control over Serum. The mysterious compound is enormously powerful and has attracted armies all around the world.

Plays will be required to assemble their bases and construct the most powerful armies. Available combat units include autonomous drones, mercenaries, armored vehicles, and aviation units. The player’s armies will fight to ensure the precious resources do not fall into the wrong hands. The game’s prequel, Soldiers Inc., was originally released in June of 2013. The game, which was available on social and web platforms, managed to excel to Facebook’s list of “Top Ten Games of the Year”. The developer has worked diligently to surpass their previous titles.

plarium soldier inc

Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare features player-vs-player clan warfare and a much deeper level of strategy and customization. Games will now be able to strategize more effectively, while targeting the weaknesses of their most formidable enemies. The following features have also been added.

  • Gamers will now be able to build bases. Obtaining and protecting resources will be essential for success.
  • Choose a hero to lead your army and level them up along the way. Specific gear may also provide huge bonuses to the player’s armed forces.
  • Players can hire four different types of recruits, including armor, aviation, mechanized infantry, and light infantry.
  • Create or join an alliance. Players can cooperate with one another and engage in real-time clan warfare with others.

The game’s player-vs-player mode will push gamers to their limits, while giving them the ability to earn big rewards for their valiant efforts. Fans of the previous title will definitely be excited to check out the improvements in Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare. The game is available in numerous language, including English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and more. Those interested in the title will be able to access it now through the App Store and Google Play. To learn more about Plarium and their games, be sure to visit their official website at

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