DRAPER, Utah–( BUSINESS WIRE )–SpinGo introduces the Must Go Award , a monthly award that recognizes outstanding upcoming events within the United States. The award was created to pay tribute to event makers and connect their event to those searching for high quality events to attend. Recipients of the […]

The marketing and management solutions provider, SpinGo, announced the introduction of their brand new contest today. “Must Go Award” will be handed out each month to upcoming events hosted within the United States. The intent of the award is to help increase the visibility of events, while also delivering credit to the event coordinators. In order to qualify for the award, a few requirements must be met.

  • A good amount of social media buzz is pertinent
  • Event must be available to the general public
  • Event will unite the community
  • Must provide a unique experience

Unlike other awards, SpinGo intends to hand out their reward, before the event takes place. This will help to provide event coordinators with the most attention and recognition possible. SpinGo has been serving event markets, since 2012. More information can be acquired, by visiting the company’s website at Spingo.com.

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