few years, Sprint has continued to nip at Verizon’s heels. The company picked up Paul Marcaelli after the actor spent many years with Verizon. Now, they’ve pulled yet another rabbit out of their hat with the grand opening of an innovative store in New York. The Twice the Price store is a pop-up store that will stock hundreds of items. There is one minor twist. All items are twice their regular retail price. The Twice The Price concept has been in the works for months.

twice the price sprint

It will open at 69-43 Grand Avenue in Flushing, New York. The store will operate from 10 AM to 7 PM for one day. Consumers will be thrilled to find their favorite potato chips, makeup mirrors, mops, and bottled water for double the price. The company believes each customer that enters their doors will have a memorable shopping experience. Price displays have been set up to guarantee customers know they’ll be paying twice as much upfront.

Owner and president of Twice the Price store, Uncle Danny, promises he didn’t copy the concept directly from Verizon, but admits he was inspired by their over-the-top pricing and the billions in revenue they’ve made. To add even more humor to the equation, Twice the Price will be conveniently located right next to its inspiration, Verizon Wireless. Consumers are encouraged to stop by the Twice the Price store, so they can learn how to avoid getting hooked by Verizon. Instead, the store will encourage consumers to see how much Sprint Unlimited Freedom can save their family.

The mock store will be temporarily setup at the New York location. Customers can browse, but none of the items will be available for purchase. The store will only be open today, 7/21/2017.

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