On February the 10th, Sprint (NYSE: S) unveiled their new unlimited plans for consumers. When signing up for Sprint, consumers can now obtain a completely unlimited plan for just $50 a month for the first line with AutoPay. This includes unlimited data, talk and text. Two lines are available for just $90 a month. Then, the 3rd, 4th and 5th lines are completely free. Families of five members can receive five unlimited lines for just $90 a month. Those that wish to sign up for the offer will need to do so right away, since the offer is only good for a limited period.

Savings will be provided to consumers from now until March the 31st of 2018. After the promotional period has ended, they’ll be required to pay an extra 10 dollars a month for the first line. The second line will cost $40 a month and each of the subsequent lines will cost $30 a month with AutoPay. With Sprint’s new Unlimited Freedom offering, consumers no longer need to be concerned about limited data or outrageous overage charges. Sprint customers can enjoy unlimited videos and music. As of December the 31st of 2016, Sprint has nearly 60 million connections.

To learn more about the new promotion, be sure to check out Sprint’s press release now.

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