On Friday, September 29, 2017, a former state representative was sentenced for failing to file a tax return for the 2011 tax year. The defendant, Erik Fresen, is a resident of Miami-Dade County. He has been sentenced to a year of probation and 60 days of intermittent confinement in the Bureau of Prisons. The defendant will report to BOP in mid-November, December, January and February. He will serve 15 days of imprisonment each month.

Fresen pled guilty. By pleading guilty, the defendant also admitted to failing to pay taxes in the amount of $30,324 on the income received during 2011. During court proceedings, Fresen also admitted to failing to file tax returns with the IRS for tax years 2007 through 2013. In total, he failed to pay federal income taxes of $214,766 that were due and owing on unreported income.

By his sentencing date, Fresen had already paid the outstanding taxes and interest in full for tax years 2007 through 2015. He remains subject to penalties for failing to file his tax returns in a timely manner.

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