On April the 21st, Stimwave LLC, which is primarily known for manufacturing medical devices, announced it had been awarded a DAPA, Distribution and Pricing Agreement, from the Defense Logistic Agency. The company manufactures several stimulation systems including the StimQ Peripheral Nerve Stimulator and the Freedom Spinal Cord Stimulation System. The company has now received a five-year contract with the US governmental agency. The contract, which was negotiated by TAMM Net Inc., is the first involving spinal cord stimulators and a United States government agency.

Stimwave’s devices rely on an exclusive Wireless Pain Relief technology to deliver small pulses of energy directly to the nerves in the body. In return, the sensation triggers the brain and forces a remapping of the pain pathways leading directly to pain relief. Stimwave devices tend to be 95% smaller than alternative neuromodulation devices on the market. During use, the device will be affixed to an anchor, so it can remain parallel with the body’s nerves. Thanks to the positioning and size of Stimwave’s device, it provides the user with more freedom of motion than the bulkier implanted devices.

The devices, which have been cleared by the FDA for treatment of chronic back and leg pain, were released to a limited number of patients during 2015. Simultaneously, the FDA granted Stimwave an FDA 510 (k) for the relief of peripheral nervous system pain. Stimwave is the only neuromodulation device manufacturer to receive FDA clearance for the relief of chronic neuropathic pain for most locations around the body. To learn more about Stimwave’s wireless stimulator system, be sure to visit their official website at www.stimwave.com.

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