Mixed martials arts has grown in popularity, while more consumers have grown more health conscious. It should come as no surprise to learn that MMA and fitness go hand in hand. The combination has led to the creation of a new fitness program. Starting in March, Syndicate MMA, which is based out of Las Vegas, will attempt to unite fighters and coaches with ordinary Joes and Janes. Consumers will be invited to join the first season of Wimp 2 Warrior. The 22-week workout program will attempt to help regular individuals get into shape, while simultaneously learning self defense and bolstering their confidence.

The program was initially introduced in Australia. Tryouts will take place at Syndicate MMA’s Las Vegas gym. They’ll be held on March the 4th and 5th. Once the exercise program has ended, participants will actually engage in mixed martial arts fights against one another. Therefore, everything they’ve learned over the course of 22-weeks will be put to good use. The training camp will be headed up by Jessy Jess Clark. Clark knows a thing or two again mixed martial arts having competed with the female league, Invicta Fighting Championships.

Casey Milliken will be there to support participants as the assistance coach. Professional MMA fighter, Adam Acquaviva, will also coach along the way. Syndicate MMA’s gym is located at 6980 West Warm Springs Road in Las Vegas. The gym offers a 3-day free trial to anyone, who wishes to show up and train hard! Those interested in learn more should check out the original at Review Journal here.

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