Syniverse is a global leader in transaction processing, connecting nearly 1,500 mobile service providers, ISPs, and enterprises in approximately 200 countries and territories. Earlier this week, the company announced the launch of their brand-new Mobile Marketplace enabling service providers to buy and sell Wi-Fi with a simple click of a button. The Syniverse Mobile Marketplace allows Wi-Fi providers to deliver access to buyers where and when they need it, while simultaneously increasing the buyer’s return on investment. The centralized platform is user-friendly and allows providers and buyers to enable services, analyze their Wi-Fi capabilities and finalize the transaction.

Group Vice President and General Manager, John McRae, recently spoke about the benefits of the new platform. He states, “By bringing buyers and sellers across the Wi-Fi ecosystem to a centralized location, the cloud-based solution provides agility and lowers the cost of access to high-speed, high-capacity Wi-Fi.” The Marketplace removes the necessity for Wi-Fi wholesale agreements and instead allows buyers to find providers that meet their specifications.

The Mobile Marketplace also simplifies the sale for the provider, by automating legal requires, partner invoice, billing and currency conversion. The Mobile Marketplace solution has been developed with support of BandwidthX. Simultaneously, BandwidthX is expected to be a participant and will purchase coverage to expend its preexisting coverage. Syniverse has taken steps to try and extend wireless connectivity in areas with below average coverage, while also offering coverage to those that shut off mobile service when roaming internationally. The company believes the launch of the Mobile Marketplace is a step in the right direction towards accomplishing these goals.

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