On June the 27th, Target announced the pilot of their next-day delivery service. The program, Target Restock, will kick off in the Minneapolis Area and it will further intensify the ecommerce battle between Amazon, Target and Wal-Mart. The feature is only available to Target REDcard holders in the Twin Cities. Simultaneously, it seems the company is only offering next-day delivery on household essentials. Minneapolis-area consumers now have the option of having necessities delivered to their home on the next business day for a low, flat fee of $4.99 for each box.

The company’s chief information and digital officer, Mike McNamara, insists “Target Restock is all about making the Target Run easier – and helping our guests save time in their busy lives.” In order to get started, those in the applicable area will need to visit Target.com/restock. First-time users will need to verify their zip code and confirm they are a current Target REDcard holder. Each step can be completed online.

Guests will then be able to choose from more than 10,000 products. They can easily browse the offerings by category or brand. As the consumer adds items to their cart, a grey bar near the top of the screen will keep track of the box’s contents and the space remaining. As mentioned above, consumers will pay a flat fee of just $4.99 for each box delivered to their home. The grey progression bar ensures the user is always aware of the delivery cost for their current order.

After the user has finished shopping, they’ll be able to checkout quickly. All orders will be filled from a nearby store to ensure the customer gets their items as soon as possible. Target plans to continue fine-tuning the platform as they receive feedback from customers. Simultaneously, the company could expand the service to new areas should it prove to be successful during the pilot. More details about Target Restock can be found here.

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