On October 10, 2017, TD Ameritrade submitted a WARN notification with the Missouri Department of Economic Development. The letter was received on October the 11th. According to that letter, TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation will begin permanently laying off employees on November 21, 2017. The layoffs will impact workers are several locations, including the following.

  • 700 Maryville Center Drive St. Louis, Missouri 63141
  • 12800 Corporate Hill Drive St. Louis, Missouri 63131
  • 13075 Manchester Road St. Louis, Missouri 63131
  • 12855 Flushing Meadows Drive St. Louis, Missouri 63131

In total, TD Ameritrade believes that the layoffs will impact 232 workers. The workers are not represented by a union and do not have bumping rights. In the WARN letter, the company noted that the action is part of a wider company reorganization and employees in multiple locations will be affected. You can read the full WARN notification here.

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