Over the past few years, Amazon’s Echo has grown immensely popular. TD Ameritrade is one of the latest companies to make their content accessible through the Alexa system. By speaking with Alexa, consumers will now be able to obtain market updates and securities quotes from TD Ameritrade. The new Alexa skill is one way Ameritrade intends to provide investors with cutting-edge access to market data. The new skill is available to anyone, who currently owns an Alexa-enabled device. The skill will make it possible for traders and investors to obtain quotes by saying a few simple words.

More than 75,000 symbols will be available through TD Ameritrade’s Alexa skill. The skill is compatible with the Echo, Dot, Tap, and Amazon’s Fire TV. As consumers begin to utilize voice searches more and more frequently, companies such as TD Ameritrade and others will need to evolve to keep up with the demand and ever-changing technology. In June of 2016, Google’s voice searches had increased by 35% since 2008. Current owners of one of the aforementioned Amazon devices can now download the TD Ameritrade skill through the Alexa App.

Alternatively, users can simply instruct Alexa to “enable the TD Ameritrade skill” to have it installed. After the skill is downloaded and installed, users will be able to give Alexa verbal commands and quickly receive quotes for the majority of market symbols. They can also request a market update. The following verbal commands are acceptable.

  • Alexa, Ask TD Ameritrade for the price of Amazon
  • Alexa, Ask TD Ameritrade for the price of F-B

Alexa will respond accordingly. The ticker symbol information may reflect a 15-minute delay in pricing. Investors and stock traders will certainly find the new addition to Alexa to be very beneficial. According to TD Ameritrade’s press release, the company is actively working on new features and functionalities. In the future, users should be able to access real-time quotes and certain account information, by issuing verbal orders to Alexa.

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