As May begins, TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: AMTD) looks back on the past five years. The growing popularity of smartphones has undeniably shaped the future of the Internet and TD Ameritrade has the numbers to back it up. The company just recently reported a record-breaking quarter for its mobile users. As equity markets continued to climb, retail investors displayed increased engagement in the mobile segment. As Snapchat went public on March the 2nd, 24% of trades placed on that day were carried out on a mobile device. Simultaneously, TD Ameritrade just released astonishing statistics detailing their platform’s use among mobile users.

For the quarter ending on March the 31st of 2017, TD Ameritrade experienced an average of 111,000 mobile trades each day. 22% of all trades made were mobile. Also, the company experience an average of 2,700 new users each day and 500,000 unique weekly logins. The company’s mobile growth from the 2nd quarter of 2012 to the 2nd quarter of 2017 is even more eye-opening. In 2012, the mobile trades per day averaged 25,000. In 2017, that number has climbed to 111,000. Mobile monthly users in 2012 topped out at 280,000. Today, the number is much higher at 778,000.

Over the past 5 years, the company’s mobile trades per day have increased by a staggering 344%. Unique mobile monthly usage climbed by 178%. The company also expects this trend to continue in the future. The company insists they’re ready to serve the incoming wave of new clients. For additional information, be sure to check out the company’s press release here.

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