This week, TEGNA (NYSE: TGNA) and their CBS affiliate in Macon, Georgia, WMAZ, announced a new partnership with the Knight Foundation and Mercer University’s Center for Collaborative Journalism. The Knight Foundation has honored the University’s Center for Collaborative Journalism with a 2 million dollar grant to expand their local television news reporting and improve their journalism education model. The grant money will be used to hire a full-time reporter, who will go on to work directly with WMAZ.

Simultaneously, the University plans to use the money to allow students to produce relevant stories that will eventually appear on-air and on WMAZ’s official website at The content will also be used by Mercer’s television station, WMUB. President and General Manager of WMAZ, Jeff Dudley, confirmed that his station was looking forward to working with the Center for Collaborative Journalism.

“Like the Center and Knight Foundation, we believe that quality, trusted, fact-based journalism can make a difference and serve the greater good.” He also went on to hope that the partnership will empower students and make them feel better prepared to start their journalism careers.

It is the goal of the Mercer Center for Collaborative Journalism to unite students, faculty and veteran journalists in a single newsroom. Since 2012, the collaborative effort has helped to produce more than 600 news stories for local organizations and National Public Radio. Content produced by the group has also been utilized by ESPN, The Associated Press, and other regional and national media outlets. During their tenure, the Center for Collaborative Journalism has completed a handful of award-winning community engagement projects.

To learn more about the new partnership, be sure to click here.

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