TiVo Corporation and Cable Onda have been long-time partners. Cable Onda has consistently taken advantage of TiVo’s entertainment technology and audience insights. To build upon their relationship, Cable Onda has confirmed it will expand its offerings and will soon begin providing its customers with access to the TiVo Gateway DVR solution. Cable Onda will bring TiVo’s multi-room solution to its Panama customer base. The TiVo Gateway DVR perfectly complements the company’s current over-the-top television content, including YouTube, Netflix, and many additional apps.

Current Passport Guide customers will soon receive a major overhaul, with the introduction of a VOD, video on demand, Discovery Dashboard. Network DVR, and restart/replace capabilities will also be introduced in the near future. Onda believes the combination of TiVo’s Gateway DVR and Discovery Dashboard will help to retain current clients, while simultaneously attracting new customers. The innovative Gateway DVR from TiVo provides customers with a 4K UHD multi-room solution for tablets, smartphones and DVR. The system makes it easier for entertainment fanatics to binge watch their favorite shows across various content sources and live or on-the-go.

Cable Onda customers will be able to access additional features with on Passport. This includes network DVR and time-shifting across the company’s service offerings. The Discovery Dashboard providers user with the most friendly VOD experience. Users will be able to browse through the platform’s most popular content based on genre. Cable Onda provides television, telephony and Internet services to residential and business customers in Panama. More information about the enhancements and partnership can be found here.

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