On February the 15th, TomTom announced the launch of a brand-new traffic cooperation tool for exchanging traffic data with cities and road authorities. The Road Event Reporter tool will ensure these entities are able to gain rapid access to a wealth of traffic data, including automobile accidents, road hazard and roadwork. In return, the information can then be delivered to millions of connected drivers throughout the country. The information can be transmitted to the driver in real-time through their vehicle’s GPS system, as well as via mobile applications.

By having access to this information, drivers and fleet managers will be able to more effectively and efficiently plan out their routes for the day. In return, this can help the driver save time and gas, while simultaneously reducing their emissions. Cities and road authorities can also use the information to reduce traffic congestion and make life easier for the locals in their area. The Road Event Reporter will attempt to bridge the gap between road authorities and the drivers in their respective areas.

TomTom has taken steps over the past few years to alleviate the frustrations associated with traffic congestion, while also improving mobility around the world. The company released launched their innovative TomTom City Portal. The Portal provides consumers with access to key traffic metrics for certain cities around the world. To learn more about TomTom’s new Road Event Reporter, be sure to check out their newest press release here.

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