On February the 2st, TrackNet Inc. announced the launch of their brand-new IoT-based home monitoring and security system. The new technology was introduced to the public at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The new system utilizes a combination of Wi-Fi and a LoRa hub with parental controls and sensor devices to monitor child safety, home health and home security. The Tabs Hub is capable of providing an entire residence with Wi-Fi coverage. The Tabs sensor offers coverage to an entire neighborhood and can deliver benefits to consumers, as well as service providers and operators.

The system will start with the wireless hub, which gives the Tabs sensor coverage over a full neighborhood or apartment development. The company also offers a Tabs extender. The extender acts like a sensor hub, but not a Wi-Fi rounter. This offers additional coverage and is best suited for locations, which are commonly frequented by families. As more consumers agree to install hubs and extenders, the TrackNet network will become more functional across a wider area. The Tabs solution can provide an entire city or region with coverage, while giving them the ability to locate children, pets, seniors, and many other things.

While the system is designed to provide consumers with access to the Internet via Low Power Wide Area Networks, LPWAN, it also delivers a handful of other benefits. For instance, it can help parents protect their children from inappropriate Internet content. They will also have the option of limiting their child’s Internet time. Parents can also equip their children with a Tabs child wearable sensor. From that point forward, the parent will always be aware of their child’s location and activities. They can also set up barriers and receive alerts when their child steps outside of the designated zone.

tabs home monitoring

The Tabs system also offers home security functionality. For instance, the consumer can fit their home with window, door and motion sensors. At the same time, the system can be used to monitor air quality, humidity and temperature. Finally, the Tabs solution can be integrated with Amazon’s Alexa. It is also compatible with the IFTTT technology and therefore can be synced with a wide assortment of other smart devices.

Tabs has already entered into trials with several service providers, who will bring the technology to the public market. Are you interested in learning more about TrackNet and their Tabs platform? Be sure to venture over to TrackNet’s official website at http://www.tracknet.io/ now.

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