Overhaul is an Austin-based startup, which was founded in 2016. The company is best known for their online marketplace, which caters to shippers. Users of the website will be able to find reliable shippers, who will transport their cargo to the desired location at the minimum cost. Professional drivers can use the marketplace to find jobs, expand their business and ultimately increase their revenue. Today, Overhaul announced the launch of a brand new mobile app, which will give users access to the online marketplace from anywhere in the world. The company’s CEO, Barry Conlon, insists their platform “allows high-value shippers to play in the online arena”.

Aside from granting users with access to the marketplace, the mobile app also offers an array of free features, which will help drivers and owner operates make the most from their trips. The app, which is available for iOS and Android operating systems, allows drives to plan out their route in advance, pinpoint interest points along the way, and much more. The app also offers shipment management tools, which gives user the ability to track a shipment from the first steps all the way to its final destination. It started with the configuration of the contract and allows users to track shipment statuses throughout the duration.

Owner Operators can also use the app to receive payments more rapidly than they normally would. The online market is now open and early joiners will be able to benefit from special deals. Those that are interested in learning more about Overhaul are advised to check out the company’s official website at over-haul.com. Also on September the 21st, the company announced the signing of two flagship customers, who will begin utilizing the company’s array of tools.

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