Union Metal is a leading manufacturer of light poles. The company manufactures custom pole solutions for traffic control, signage, communications, and lighting. On December 14, 2017, Union Metal Corporation submitted a WARN notification with the State of Ohio. According to that letter, the company may soon permanently lay off roughly 339 workers at its Canton, Ohio location. The company anticipates that the entire plant will ultimately close sometime during 2018.

The facility is located at 1432 Maple Avenue NE in Canton. According to the WARN notification, the employee separations started on December 11, 2017 and are expected to continue through the upcoming weeks. The company believes that the separations will continue for the next four to eight weeks with approximately 25 employees being separated each week. Bumping rights exist for bargaining unit employees, but not for non-bargaining unit employees.

The company anticipates that 74 welders and 87 machine operations will be laid off as a result. The full WARN notification can be found here.

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