On April the 25th, US Oncology Research, which is recognized as one of the biggest community-based oncology research programs in America, announced the enrollment of 2,900 subjects into clinical trials during the fiscal year ending on March the 31sth of 2017. Participants underwent cutting-edge oncology trials for a variety of cancers and helped contribute to 8 cancer therapies that have gone on to receive approvals from the FDA. Simultaneously, these approvals led to promising new treatments for cancer patients throughout the United States. The number of FDA approvals US Oncology Research has contributed to this year is truly unprecedented. The statistics confirm that the firm continues its commitment to play a crucial role in helping to identify effective cancer therapies.

Since its inception in 1992, US Oncology Research has admitted more than 66,000 patients into its clinic trials. The Cancer Research Institute confirms that roughly 3 to 6% of cancer patients that are eligible for clinical trials actually take part in studies. The reasons vary from a lack of awareness, to misinformation. Even insurance problems can make participation difficult. US Oncology Research has developed a strategy to effectively overcome these hurdles. The firm is able to improve their participation rates by deploying large-scale trials across multiple cities through affiliated community cancer centers.

US Oncology Research credits many of the last fiscal year’s 2,900 patients to their Selected Trials for Accelerated Rollout, STAR, method. This program gives the firm the ability to initiate clinic trials across all affiliated cancer centers rapidly. When a STAR-trial candidate is found within an affiliated facility, the practical is thoroughly trained for the trial and a study is activated within a timeframe of just 2 weeks. US Oncology Research also admits their ability to provide access to a large quantity of immuno-oncology trials has helped to boost its participation. Approximately one-third of the studied conducted by the research firm fit into this category.

Immunotherapy, which combats cancer utilizing the body’s own immune system, has become a popular form of treatment. US Oncology Research’s dramatic immunotherapy trial results have generated substantial excitement among the media and cancer community alike. To learn more about US Oncology Research and their recent trials, be sure to check out their latest press release.

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