On November the 18th, UTZ Quality Foods, which is America’s largest private snack food brand, announced the opening of a new health and wellness center. The Utz Health & Wellness Center will strive to provide associates with the best preventative health and wellness care options. The facility is powered by Activate Healthcare. Through the collaboration, the Health & Wellness Center will offer comprehensive healthcare services and wellness coaching designed individualistically for the company.

The new Health & Wellness Center will be staffed by a full-scale team of medical professionals. The medical team will be led by Ronald Pyram MD. He will be supported by Physician Assistant Suzanne Brill and a few medical assistance. The Utz Health & Wellness Center is open to all full-time associates of the company, as well as their spouses and dependents. Anyone covered by a Utz’s health benefits plan will be able to receive health services from the facility. Even those outside of the service area can take advantage of remote support options.

The facility will be open during the morning and evening, as well as some weekend hours. The Utz Health & Wellness Center is a valuable addition to the company’s full-scale benefits package. Utz Quality Foods was found in 1921. The company is based out of Hanover, Pennsylvania and now operates 11 facilities throughout the United States. Their facilities can be found in Colorado, Massachusetts, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania. In 2014, it was estimated that the company’s 2,500 associated produced nearly 150 million pounds of snacks.

These associates will now be able to benefit from the company’s new Health & Wellness Center. Some of the company’s most notable brands include the following.

  • Golden Flakes
  • Zapp’s
  • Good Health
  • Bachman
  • Wachusett
  • Snikiddy

These brands can be found in various stores throughout the United States, including in grocery stores, drug stores, convenience stores, and club stores. Those interested in learning more about UTZ, their brand or their new Health & Wellness Center should visit the company’s official website at www.utzsnacks.com.

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