The Department of For-Hire Vehicles, DFHV, has been on a mission to bring innovation to Washington, DC’s taxi industry. To push that project one step forward, the department has teamed up with Square to implement a new digital meter solution within the city’s taxis. The move will attempt to eliminate conventional meters, while Square’s technology will aid the transition to an all-digital platform. Simultaneously, the new platform will help streamline the taxi experience while also ensuring fair rates for consumers and drivers.

The city is the first major city in the United States to switch to a digital platform and their success could provide a blueprint for others looking to do the same. The digital meter, which will be accessible on smartphones and tablets, will provide the consumer with a wealth of details, including pricing, estimated fares, electronic receipts, and GPS tracking. Square’s technology will simplify everything for drivers and riders.

Once the system goes into effect, drivers will download one of the meter apps approved by the DFHV. Riders will be able to pick and use the payment system that they prefer most. Once their ride has come to an end, they’ll be able to swipe or tap to finalize their payment. Riders can also choose to customize their tip amount or choose a preset amount. After the transaction has been completed, the rider will receive an electronic receipt via text message or email.

The Department For-Hire Vehicles has set a mandate requiring all drivers to make the move to the digital platform before August 31, 2017. The department believes that drivers will be able to choose from a handful of meter apps. The DFHV believes that developers will continue to enhance the technology allowing for additional services and features in the future. Today’s announcement coincides with Mayor Muriel Bowser’s innoMAYtion. The initiative was designed to showcase the groundbreaking programs that will exemplify Washington, DC as a major innovator.

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