As a leading provider of pressure control equipment, Weir Oil & Gas understands the challenges operators face when attempting to gauge fluid levels and gas flow rates in real time. The company has taken steps to simplify the puzzle by unveiling an intelligent system leveraging IoT technology. The innovative system will help to remove the guesswork from the equation, while simultaneously providing operators with the information they need in a clear, coherent manner. The system is designed to deliver accurate, real-time measurements, as well as automated controls. Weir believes their system will greatly improve safety, while increasing productivity.

weir oil and gas iot intelligent system

Until now, operators were forced to utilize outdated methods for obtaining the crucial information required. These methods can often be negatively impacted by human error and therefore are less reliable. In the past, operators would be left unaware of the problem until the tank overflows or a kick is triggered. This is problematic, since they generally only have a few minutes to respond. Weir’s portfolio of Pressure Control Intelligent Systems is designed to completely revolutionize the system and follows an Internet of Things approach to ensure enhanced safer, faster response times, greater accuracy, and far more reliability.

The system links to a control unit through sensors that consistently deliver real-time updates to the controller. Then, the customer will be able to access this information through a cloud-based portal on their desktop computer or mobile device. Data is simultaneously stored in Weir’s warehouse for later reference. When a problem is detected, the system will immediately sound an alarm to ensure the operator has a sufficient amount of time to react accordingly. The system is also modular, so operators can completely customize the system to meet their precise needs.

This makes it possible for operators to collect, monitor, analyze, and notate data collected from several pieces of equipment, including the Mathena Mud Gas Separator Intelligent System, Mathena Frac Flowback Intelligent System, ECO-Tank Intelligent System, and the Mathena Vent Gas Analyzer and Intelligent Flow Meter System. Today’s announcement is intended to set the stage for Weir’s upcoming presentation at the 2017 Offshore Technology Conference at NRG Park. More details can be found here.

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