Weis Markets, which is based out of Sunbury, Pennsylvania, has announced a brand new pilot program that will deliver wine-to-go. The pilot program will be initiated at the company’s in-store café in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Currently, the establishment offers nine hundred varieties of beer and sell alcohol that can be consumed on or off the premise. By Thanksgiving of this year, the company intends to begin selling wine-to-go from forty-nine of its cafes within the state of Pennsylvania.

The announcement comes after the state changes its liquor law. The company plans to add approximately 80 varieties of wine to their cafes, while maintaining the diversity of their beer selection. The new state law, Act 39, which went into effect on August the 8th, gives businesses that have restaurant or hotel beer licenses to also apply for a permit to sell wine.

Weis Markets has also taken steps to expand into the state of Maryland. Just recently, Weis Markets acquired Food Lion Supermarkets throughout Delaware, Virginia and Maryland. The company plans to transform 38 Food Lion stores into Weis Markets. During the transformation, the company will hire more than two thousand current Food Lion employees. In August, the company converted five Mars Markets in Baltimore County to Weis Markets. Once the company’s current deals are concluded, Weis Markets will increase their portfolio by 25% and will operate 204 stores across seven states.

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