After 128 years in operation, West Linn Paper has decided to close its mill in West Linn, Oregon. The company explains that unforeseeable events have led to reduction in pulp and was ultimately the reason for the impending closure. The company submitted a WARN notification with the state of Oregon on October 16, 2017.

The letter announces that the company has decided to close its paper mill in West Linn. The facility is located at 4800 Mill Street. The letter also confirmed that the company intends to wind down and discontinue the warehouse, logistics and transportation operations of Columbia River Logistics. Employees at the Columbia River Logistics facility at 3900 SE Columbia Way in Vancouver, Washington will also be impacted.

The company will cease all operations permanently. The West Linn mill close was commenced immediately with the first employee separations to begin within weeks. The company believes that all functions will be completely ceased by December 31, 2017. Columbia River Logistics will continue to operate until it is able to liquidate inventory.

In total, the closings will impact 277 employees. The letter explains that one of the company’s major pulp suppliers suddenly stopped production due to a major equipment failure. Other pulp suppliers withdrew the company’s normal and viable credit terms. They’ve been unable to secure the necessary pulp needed to continue operations.

To read the entire WARN notification, be sure to click here.

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