The peer-to-peer ride service, Wingz, announced today that they’re bringing their services to Austin. The company will look to capitalize on the gap left by the voter’s decision to squash Proposition 1, which effectively shutdown Lyft and Uber within the area. Nearly 10,000 drivers for Lyft and Uber have stopped working, due to the enforcement of mandatory fingerprinting background checks for all drivers. The voters in Texas rejected a measure, which would have exempted these individuals from the requirement and now, Wingz enters the picture.

Wingz focuses on providing the consumer with the most convenient and stress-free way to get to and from the airport. They offer scheduled, flat rate rides and have now begun accepting bookings from those within Austin. The company offers customers the ability to rebook specific drivers. The concept can help to personalize the experience and allow consumers to gain more trust in the company and their representatives. With the Beta launch of WingzAround in Austin, those residing in the area will now be able to make ride requests through the company’s website or through Facebook Messenger.

Books must be made 2 hours in advance and there is no minimum distance requirement. However, the company does charge a base 1-way fare of $20. Wingz has announced their intention of abiding by all new regulations and believes they’ll have all drivers fingerprinted by June the 1st. Those residing in Austin will want to check out the company’s website to book a ride today.

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