During the month of October, Ohio has received WARN notifications from several companies, including Faurecia Clean Mobility Toledo Customer Center, Spartech, HealthSpan Partners, FCA Transport, and American Signature. On October 27, 2017, the state received yet another WARN notice from X-spine Systems.

X-Spine Systems is a subsidiary of Xtant Medical Holdings Inc. The holding company supplies orthopedic and spine surgery products. According to the company’s WARN notification, it will soon be conducting employee separations at its Miamisburg facility. The facility is located at 452 Alexandersville Road in Miamisburg. The facility will also be shutting down permanently.

The impacted employees do not have bumping rights and are not represented by any union. In total, 54 workers are expected to be laid off, due to the facility’s closure. The full WARN notification can be found here.

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