When consumers desire a delicious slice of pizza, they have very limited options. They can pick up the phone and call Domino’s, Pizza Hut or Papa John’s. All three companies have proven themselves to be worthwhile and each has withstood the test of time, while consistently trying to outdo one another. A new startup, Zume Pizza, wants to automate the pizza-making process, while taking on the 3 kings of the pizza industry. Last month, the company started making deliveries to consumers within the area of Mountain View and Palo Alto California. Their pizza is greasy and an abundance of toppings are available. So, what makes them different from their competitors?

For one, humans are taken out of the equation as much as possible. Aside from making the deliveries, human employees are responsible for prepping the dough and applying the toppings. Otherwise, robots are in charge. One robot applies the sauce, while a second tosses the pizza into the oven. The company’s co-founder, Alex Garden, has boldly described the company as the future “Amazon of food.” Unfortunately for Alex and his comrades, a few obstacles stand in the way and prevent the company from acquiring that moniker. First, Zume will need to get approval from the local health department for their pizza-cooking truck.

This could prove to be problematic, since Santa Clara County statues normally do not allow moving vehicles to cook. If the vehicle remained stationary, things would ultimately be different. Nonetheless, Zume’s big goal is to cook and deliver pizza directly from their custom truck, which features over fifty pizza ovens. The concept definitely inspires the imagination and makes the stomach growl. Would robots be able to pull it off and deliver a satisfactory pizza to the consumer?

Out of 39 reviews for Zume Pizza on Yelp, the company has amassed mostly positive reviews, but quality issues persist. Several past customers were unimpressed with the overall taste of the pizza. Others admit the free pizza was regrettable. And, one customer strikes a bleak note for Zume, by criticizing the company’s website and menu. For a company that relies entirely on technology and innovation, a satisfying user-interface and ordering platform are true necessities. Nonetheless, the sheer unique nature of Zume will undoubtedly attract a lot of attention. Whether or not the company can capitalize on the hype remains to be seen.

Are you ready to try out a pizza prepped, prepared, and cooked by a robot? For additional information, be sure to check out the company’s official website at ZumePizza.com!

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