On March the 13, Zyxel unveiled their brand-new wall-plate access point. The unique WAC5302D-S 802.11AC Access Point is unlike anything on the market. The device is totally compact and can easily remain concealed on a wall. The device will provide guests with access to a wired and wireless connection. It features the latest wireless standard of 802.11ac and therefore will offer speeds up to 1.2 Gbps. Despite the compact size of the access point, the WAC5302D-S is equipped with a smart antenna and the innovative beamforming technology. This combination greatly extends the access point’s range, so all users will receive a strong connection.

zxyel wall plate gateway

The device provides users with three Gigabit Ethernet ports, as well as a single PoE, Power over Ethernet, port. With these ports, the user will easily be able to connect their smart televisions and VoIP telephone to the local network. While these features are common place for modern routers, it is truly the design of the wall-plate router that helps differentiate it from the masses. Unlike bigger and bulkier access points, the WAC5302D-S can be mounted on an outlet box. It can also be attached to a desk or wall, without needing to invest in a separate mounting kit. As pointed out in the company’s press release, the unique device is ideal for supporting IP cameras, printers, and computers.

With the Zyxel One Network, consumers will be able to setup and manage each and every one of their Zyxel gateways, switches and access points from a convenient interface. More importantly, your Zyxel equipment will be able to sync to one another almost immediately, thanks to the Zyxel Smart Connect. It should also be known that the new WAC5302D-S Wall-Plate Unified Access Point is protected by a limited lifetime warranty. The device is now available via authorized resellers for an MSRP of $279.99. While the access point is somewhat pricey, it could prove to be a great investment for hotel groups and other hospitality facilities.

The wall-plate access point is truly very similar to many of its conventional competitors. It closely resembles the same speeds and features as the alternatives, but the unique design is its biggest selling point. Picky homeowners, hotels and other establishments may prefer the WAC5302D-S for its low profile and wall mount capability. Learn more about this wall-plate access point by checking out the company’s official website here.

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