About Broker Newswire

Hello and thank you for taking your time to learn about BrokerNewswire.com. Broker Newswire (BN) is an exciting new online publication, which targets finances, brokers, mortgage and markets. BN, which is the nation’s leading provider of real estate, finance and market news and analysis, is brought to you by Manet Media Group. We wholeheartedly understand that there is an abundance of similar publications out there, but Broker Newswire is unique.

Broker Newswire delivers rapid news coverage of the industry’s top brokers, as well as market and general industry news. We sincerely believe that BN will become a leading provider of news and analysis for a large quantity of the population. By focusing solely on the news and information most relevant to investors and homebuyers, BN will quickly become your go-to source for the day’s financial news.

BN provides visitors with news updates, press releases, and analysis, so they can develop a more extensive awareness of the markets and finances. Take note that we do not offer any investment advice whatsoever. It is not our intention to steer your opinion in one-way or another. As a member of the Manet Media Group, BN abides by the same principles and standards set forth by the company’s original mission station.