Acer Invests In Starbreeze To Bolster VR Portfolio

On June the 25th of 2016, Taiwan-based hardware and software company announced their intention to invest in Starbreeze. The private transaction will result in Acer acquiring $9 million USD of 2-year bonds, which will be convertible to B-shares, from Starbreeze. Acer believes the investment will help strengthen the partnership between the two companies, while also enhancing their VR ecosystem. The company sees a bright future in virtual reality technology and believes the tech can be used in various industries, including entertainment, retail and travel. The board sheet agreement will need to be approved by board from both entities.

Also, Acer announced they had signed a definite agreement with Starbreeze to work in correlation to design, manufacture, promote, and sale the StarVR Head Mounted Display. Acer, which is widely known for their computer hardware portfolio, had revenues of 7.89 billion USD for 2015. The same year, they brought in a net income of 18.3 million USD. Starbreeze Studios is an independent video game developer, which is best known for Payday 2 and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Starbreeze originally announced the Project StarVR at E3 2015. The VR headset was under development by InfinitEye, which was previously acquired by the company.

Starbreeze acquired the rights to the Payday franchise in May of 2016 from 505 Games in exchange for $30 million USD of the company’s stock. According to the official website for the StarVR, the headset will feature a 210-degreee horizontal field of view, which will cover approximately 75% of the user’s vision. The headset also offers 130-degree of vertical FOV and a 100-degree binocular overlap. The StarVR, which is being marketed as a 5K headset, incorporates the use of two 5.5-inch displays. Each delivers a resolution of 2560×1440 for a total definition of 5120×1440. Technically, the combination delivers a lower pixel count than 4k, but remains impressive nonetheless.

The StarVR will support the existing Steam OpenVR framework. Pricing and other details have not been released. For further details regarding the StarVR, be sure to visit the headset’s official website at