Amazon Announces Updates To Fire TV And Fire TV Stick

Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick have both grown immensely popular. Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN)┬áhas worked hard to perfect their Fire TV devices. Owners of either of the devices will soon experience an update, which will bring new features. The new features will be provided to all Fire TV and Fire TV Stick owners for free, with the software update already being delivered to consumers throughout the world. The features will give consumers the ability to use their voice to find new content, examining subscription deals, and check out recommendations.

  • Now, over 75 apps and channels will be available through the Universal Search feature. Users will be able to use their voice to search through more than 75 channels and applications, such as Netflix, to find new content to enjoy.
  • New additions and recommendations from other content providers, such as HBO and Netflix, will now be available on the Fire TV homepage. Users will no longer need to open each application individually to see what is new.
  • Alexa voice control is now a possibility for Amazon Video. By utilizing their voice, consumers will be able to pause, fast forward, and reward their content. When you’re ready to skip to the next episode, a quick “next” will do the trick.
  • Sports updates will now be easily accessible through the Fire TV. Users can now instruct Alexa to “give me my sports update”. Within seconds, the user will be provided the latest scores and game information directly through their Fire TV. Users will need to set favorite sporting teams through the Alexa app to take full advantage of this feature.

The Amazon Fire TV has become one of the most popular streaming media players in the United States and this is no coincidence. With the latest upgrades, the product becomes even more beneficial and will be sure to attract new customers. Have you purchased a Fire TV or stick yet? There has never been a better time to do.